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Welcome to Boriken Media LLP

By dyewilliam − Date Feb 02, 2019 01:28am

Welcome to Boriken Media LLP 2019 release where we expect to have a variety of content like news blogs (Tech, Hardware) and tutorials for those interested in the shiny element of technology. Some of our motivation and goals include the constant need for grater technology and resources like programming assets or faster image parsing databases.

Our primary goal is to provide our guests members and users with a fast paced implementation for web technologies and services around the obsolete canonical standars from which is all technology implemented (Software). We like any other software manufacturer look forward to the confort and satisfaction of our users with shorter reliable code (Factory) capable of providing a smoother navigation and faster response from Enquire (Web2) capable service providers (ISP)

Featured Posts (Technology)
By dyewilliam − Date Apr 23, 2019 02:20pmCon la llegada del Kernel de Linux 5.2 esta provisto la opción de Fieldbus con la que se usará por defecto en chips industriales, lo que