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Boriken Media Studio and Service Subtitle

By dyewilliam Date Mon Mar 08, 2021 04:29pm

Boriken Media Subs Studio was born in Bayamon PR in the year 2011 when a design proyect for computer development and graphic design quickly turn into a web development study. From Since when became deeper and deeper inlove with the web implementation techonology for web servers and web technologies like front-end and back-end procedures of computer network programing. Varios of the technologies implemented by our studio includes computer programing, computer design, computer modding as in time the basis of our product is the computer network programing and graphic design but this does not affect the factor of the quallity of the final product totally like high-end resolution and definition graphic designs (Xtreme Design - XD) or high-end software programing for pattern design methodology and machine-code. Our products are basically software and designs (Graphic Design) and it mean basically accessibility reach for consumers yet they carrie an open-source software or item library describing the product resolution and implementation of its audience and final consumer.

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