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Boriken Media Studio and Subserv

By dyewilliam Date Mon Mar 08, 2021 04:30pm

Boriken Media Studio offers a wide variety of services related to the computer development technologies and techniques. Some of the most known services and applications are web design and development based (web-centric) like web design and development web programming web search-engine optimization and so on. Our Web services vary from the basic standars to the more private and corporative system service and implemented encoding-codex. Various of our service based in the computer development of web-centric systems for the public domain include implementations based in the public domain access-point or private domain basic realms. Various of our programing services include network development under database systems in public and private domain services like high-end database systems such as MySQL5 or MONO-Sql (~No_SQL) which is file-based and ecoded-biases. Our computer development and programing services are based under Windows and Linux Machines with a special reach for Windows Specify Programing Platforms like Visual Studio and Csharp with .NET framework

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