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By dyewilliam − Date Feb 02, 2019 01:32am

The services offered by Boriken Media LLP team are bind to the merchantibility and fitness manufacturing processes and quallity endevour for corporate privative software where available. Some of this services are high grade low-end software and web (network) centric applications which provide high-level of manufacturing monitoring and unit-testing if any. We at Boriken Media LLP provide our comercial software where no-guaranty and cost effective manufacturing processes which provide a high-end product life cycle and healthy appeal prone to security and survillence capable software.

The soft we provide comercially are based in the popular consumer convinience and capability where Bussines Intelligence (CPane, Shoping Cart, etc) are subject to regular checks and updates for it's maintenance and continous forming (Algorythms). Some of our most popular software are Web Based Apps Systems and Bots where is implemented very low-end Artificial Intelligence rules which makes it a very accesible high-profile software. For more information you could get in contact through our web form or email address at borikenmedia@yahoo.com. Please be awake and if doesn't found something right (agradable) please notice that we take our products very meticulously when debuggin and deprecating if any. Enjoy