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The services offered by Boriken Media LLP are services under the free software act and open source software agreement for General Network Use (GNU) and General Public License (GPL) ammong other like Creative Commons Attribution (CCA).

Services offered by Boriken Media LLP include commercial software development under the share alike software licenses and web development and design under the free software Open GPL.

Software Development
Our software development technology includes from the basic stand alone software development platforms to the custom IDE production configs in most of the popular comercial environments like Android Studio, Visual Studio 2017 or Notepad++

Web Development
Our web development technology includes most of the natural cycle for network centric environments like Procedural, Object Oriented and Pattern design and methodologies like xtreme programming, scrum xor MVC, CMS and Type3

Graphic design
Our graphic design services cover a wide range of services from image manipulation and restauration to stand alone design and digital development. Some of the design environments used by our studio include from Xtremme Digital (XD) to Coorporate Identities and manufacturing presence. Some of the services for commercial comsumption include from label logos and symbolic resources like steganography.